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Creative Kids Book Club

Creative Kids Book Club is designed to encourage literacy learning, artistic development, and confident self expression! 

Creative Kids Book Club

A blend of creative arts and literacy. Each book club begins with a well-selected chapter book as inspiration for our literacy and arts learning. As we read the book, we infuse a variety of arts activities to reinforce connections with literacy, arts, and self-expression. 

Arts activities may include: art, yoga, creative dance, journaling, and more.

Literacy components include: story development, vocabulary building, reading/writing skills, listening skills, creative writing styles, and more. 


  • The joy of reading in a safe, friendly environment

  • Collaborative brainstorming strategies with friends

  • The richness of connecting Literacy learning with the Arts

  • Using a story plot as inspiration for artistic expression

  • Structures and ideas for independent creative writing 

Current Book Selection:

The Spirit of Cattail County

by Victoria Piontek



  • Social skills

  • Self-confidence

  • Creative thinking skills

  • New literacy vocabulary

  • To focus the mind and calm the body

  • Innovative Creative arts and literacy games

Investment Includes:

  • An art journal

  • A copy of the current book

  • All art materials

  • Vocabulary cards

  • Recommended reading for continued learning

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