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Creative Dance

Creative Dance

(a dance lab signature offering)

Creative Dance incorporates the expansive works of Rudolf Laban. A focus on motor skill development, increasing movement vocabularies, and encouraging creativity and imagination allow children to grow and learn. Creative Dance emphasizes the Joy of Dance! Sharing creative problem-solving and decision-making collaborations encourage each child’s artistic growth. Creative Dance develops Body-Mind-Spirit connectivity. 


Elements of Creative Dance include: Space, Body, Relationships, Time, Weight, Energy, Flow, and Effort. 

Creative Dance will inspire:

Flexibility, Coordination, Cooperation, Social Skills, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Body-Mind-Spirit Connectivity, Imagination, Creativity, Problem-Solving/Decision-Making Skills, and More!


A Creative Arts Curriculum

Creative Arts Workshops (a dance lab original offering)

Connecting the Arts with Literacy Curriculum 

Creative Arts Workshops blend artistic explorations with literacy development. Each workshop will focus on an artistic element including: art, yoga, creative dance, or poetry and props, and connect those discoveries with literacy components including: character and story development, vocabulary building, writing skills, listening skills, creative writing styles, and self-expression. 

Workshops as part of this curriculum include: Art & Story, Story Makers, Poetry Moves, and Yoga & Creative Writing.

photo credit: Randhy Rodriguez Photography

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