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Event Descriptions 

Story Dance

Story Dance is a uniquely creative experience blending stories with Creative Dance. Each Story Dance experience includes yoga stretches, movement games, and dance explorations.  Dance and Literacy come together with each carefully selected picture book and Creative Dance structures. Percussion instruments, world music, and props also encourage developmental explorations.


Family Dance

Family Dance incorporates yoga, creative dance, movement games, stories, and more. This multi-generational experience allows families to explore, create, share, discover, and bond together in a caring, interactive environment. Percussion instruments, world music, props, artwork, and literature enhance the Family Dance Experience.  


Creative Kids Group

Creative Kids Group is an blending of self reflection, Yoga, Pilates, and Dance. Journals, yoga flows, creative dance and relaxation encourage our focus, body-mind connectivity, flexibility, balance, coordination, and more. Creative Kids Group inspires self-awareness, self-expression and positivity in a safe, friendly, nurturing environment. 


Poetry Moves

Poetry Moves blends stretching, movement games, and creative dance with poetry. Students explore a variety of motor skills while having fun in a creative setting. Poetry jumps off the written page and transforms into dance as the poem and dance work in partnership as one. Students create their own poems and individualized dance compositions. An art activity usually follows Poetry Moves.


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