Winter 2022 ~ Kids

Kids 6-week Winter Session

January 3 to February 10, 2022

Small group offerings designed to encourage Artistic development and Strong Bodies. 


Creative Dance

Balanced Fitness Fun

Creative Dance & Ballet

Creative Journaling


Creative Dance

A Dance Lab Signature Offering



Move and Dance

Creative Dance incorporates the expansive works of Rudolf Laban. A focus on motor skill development, increasing movement vocabularies, and encouraging creativity and imagination allow children to grow and learn. Creative Dance emphasizes the Joy of Dance! Sharing creative problem-solving and decision-making collaborations encourage each child’s artistic growth. Creative Dance develops Body-Mind-Spirit connectivity. 


Elements of Creative Dance include:

Space, Body, Relationships, Time, Weight, Energy, Flow, and Effort. 


Creative Dance & Ballet

A Ballet inspired warm-up followed by a Creative Dance Composition.

At the Barre

Center explorations

Dance Composition

With a focus on Self-expression, Dance making, and a simple Ballet vocabulary designed to inspire the Dancing



Winter 2022

YOGA               Mon          4:30pm       8-14 yrs

YOGA               Weds        4:30pm       8-14 yrs


JOURNALING  Thurs        4:30pm       8-14 yrs

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Creative Offerings will inspire:

Flexibility, Coordination, Cooperation, Social Skills, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Body-Mind-Spirit Connectivity, Imagination, Creativity, Problem-Solving/Decision-Making Skills, and More!


A balanced blend of

Stretching, Breathing, and Relaxation

Blending traditional elements of Yoga, breath-postures-relaxation, in a creative setting to encourage self-expression and individual growth. With a focus on Calming, Centering, Balance, and Self-reflection.


Balanced Fitness Fun

A creative workout making fitness fun with Bosu balls, physio balls, sensory props and games  

Energize & Focus

Bounce & Balance

Stretch & Strengthen

Focusing on a balance of cardio and dynamic movements to get our bodies moving in fun and active ways. Combining gross motor and fine motor skill development, along with focusing, breathing, balancing and strengthening. Encouraging core strength and overall toning through games and movement challenges. Get all the benefits and fun of a workout with the anxiety or stress.


Creative Journaling

An artistic blend of Art, Creative Writing, Self-expression, Self-reflection and Relaxation.




Write, color, paint, doodle, design, and explore self in a calm, quiet environment. Explore self-expression enhanced with writing prompts, artistic inspirations and design ideas. Fill your journal with your own aesthetic preferences, with the use of: paint, markers, colored pens and pencils, paper, magazines, ribbons, yarn, feathers, stickers, jewels, and more.

More classes added upon request


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