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Master Workshops

Master Workshops inspire new and unique ways of experiencing dance and movement. Each workshop includes an extensive movement experience along with written materials that support the workshop content. Master Workshops expand and strengthen a variety of dance, movement, and creative interests and needs. Each workshop offers a safe and comfortable learning environment emphasizing body-mind-spirit connectivity.


More detailed information and pricing available upon request.

Pilates for Dancers

Experience this specially designed system of flowing exercises.

Learn to work from the inside out with control and precision.


Core work 

Balancing and centering

Muscle definition

Injury prevention



Connecting Dance and Literacy

Experience moving and creating dance through literacy inspirations.


Exploring action words

Brainstorming ideas

Problem-solving and decision-making skills

Story making

Dance making



Ballet for Athletes

Experience Ballet specifically designed for the Athletic body.


Body-mind connectivity


Balancing and centering


Injury prevention



Choreographic Structures

Experience choreography through a variety of structures and inspirations.


Art inspirations

Chance dances

Prop explorations

Group and individual structures

Literacy components

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