Gentle Stretch 

Gentle Stretch is a comprehensive stretch class incorporating breath, body alignment, muscular toning, and relaxation.  Flow through a series of stretch exercises at a slow, harmonious pace, designed to lengthen muscles, improve flexibility, increase range of motion, and elongate healthy posture.  Gentle Stretch utilizes a wide range of stretches to encourage overall wellness through movement.

Classic Mat Pilates

Pilates is a system of flowing exercises designed to strengthen the core and lengthen the muscles, engaging both the body and mind. Pilates works from the inside out with control and precision. Pilates aides in: centering the body Injury prevention - sculpting the body - discovering and working deeper muscle groups. Possible benefits include: strengthening abdominal muscles - relieving back stress - sculpting muscles for a long lean look - connecting the mind and body through concentration and focus - centering and balancing the body, lessening the chance for injuries.

The Workout (a dance lab original offering)

The Workout is a masterful blend of Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga designed to develop long, lean legs, a stronger core, and more definition in your arms. Exercises are shared at the Ballet barre, on the mat, and in a chair. This workout targets the whole body with a focus on balance, alignment, core strength, and overall toning. All levels welcome.

The Ballet Hour

The Ballet Hour targets Elongating, Sculpting, and Strengthening muscles as well as developing your inner Dance Spirit. Increase your flexibility, range of motion, stability, balance, and body/brain connectivity. Boost your Spirit with this beautifully structured Ballet experience. No Ballet experience necessary, Simply a Joy of Dance.



Kids Yoga blends traditional elements of Yoga, breath-postures-relaxation, along with yoga flow games, stretch-strengthen-balance challenges and energizing activities, in a fun, creative setting to encourage self-expression and individual growth. We focus on Stretching, Strengthening, Balancing, Centering, Breathing, and Self-reflection.

Creative Dance (a dance lab signature offering)

Creative Dance incorporates the expansive works of Rudolf Laban. A focus on motor skill development, increasing movement vocabularies, and encouraging creativity and imagination allow children to grow and learn. Creative Dance emphasizes the Joy of Dance! Sharing creative problem-solving and decision-making collaborations encourage each child’s artistic growth. Creative Dance develops Body-Mind-Spirit connectivity. Elements of Creative Dance include: Space, Body, Relationships, Time, Weight, Energy, Flow, and Effort. 

Story Dance (a dance lab original offering)

Story Dance is a uniquely creative experience blending stories with Creative Dance. Each Story Dance experience includes yoga stretches, movement games, dance explorations, along with the sharing of a story to guide our creativity and imaginative inspirations.  Dance and Literacy come together with each carefully selected picture book and Creative Dance structures. Percussion instruments, world music, and props further encourage our own creative growth.

Poetry Moves (a dance lab original offering)

Poetry Moves is a uniquely creative experience blending Creative Writing with Creative Dance Making. Each Poetry Moves experience includes stretching, movement games, vocabulary building, and dance explorations inspired by our own poetry and short story compositions. Students explore a variety of movement styles and writing styles in a fun, positive, creative environment. Poetry and Stories jump off the written page and transform into moving masterpieces as our literacy and creativity work in partnership as one. Dance and Literacy come together with each carefully selected theme, creative writing prompts, and creative dance structures.

photo credit: Randhy Rodriguez Photography


Family Yoga ~ Dance (a dance lab original offering)

Family Yoga ~ Dance incorporates mindful breathing, yoga stretches, creative dance, relaxation, and more. This multi-generational experience allows families to explore, create, share, discover, and bond together in a caring, interactive environment. Percussion instruments, world music, props, artwork, and literature enhance the Family Yoga ~ Dance Experience.