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Life in the Dance Lane ~ Just my thoughts.

Hi friends. Dance has been an influential factor for most of my life. I started dance at the age of 8. My dance lane has taken me on a wonderful journey with many twists and turns, starts and stops, crushing disappointments and proud achievements. With so many years of training, education, and teaching experiences in the dance world, it can sometimes be difficult to not give into the temptation to compare one's own journey with others in the dance world. But, each journey is unique and individual. Several years ago, a friend gave me some magical advise... Stay in your own lane! In other words, don't get bogged down spending energy on worry and stress about what others are doing. Stay focused. Stay passionate. Work smart. Be positive. Stay in your own lane.

So, I thought I would start this blog to share stories, experiences, explorations, ideas, projects, and sometimes, simply Just my thoughts. Hope you enjoy.

Just my thoughts,


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