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The Studio

The Dance Lab is a creative, imaginative studio space designed to encourage self-discovery, positive self-awareness, and the love of exploring, learning, creating, and growing.


We have a professional Harlequin Dance floor. Our Harlequin floor is specifically designed to give dancers and movers a safe surface for our moving bodies. 


The Dance Lab utilizes many, many props ... big and small, to encourage our creativity and imagination --- physical development and growth.


We have an open air philosophy. When families, friends, and visitors stop by the studio during activities, they are always welcome to observe, listen, and watch from the waiting area. We don't even have a door between the studio space and the waiting area. 


The Dance Lab has a book collection for children to share while at the studio. We also have coloring pages and crayons and pencils to offer visiting siblings and friends a quiet activity at our kid-sized table in the waiting area.

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