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Winter/Spring 2022 ~ Workshops

Small group offerings designed to encourage Artistic development and Strong Bodies. 

Story Dance

A Dance Lab Original offering

Story Dance is a uniquely creative experience blending stories with Creative Dance. Each Story Dance experience includes yoga stretches, movement games, and dance explorations. Dance and Literacy come together with each carefully selected picture book and Creative Dance structures. Percussion instruments, world music, and props also encourage developmental explorations.



Creative Journaling 

A Dance Lab Original offering

Creative Journaling offers time to write, color, paint, doodle, design, and explore self in a quiet, safe environment. We offer time for independent expression along with word games, writing prompts, and artistic guidance. Creative Journaling utilizes a wide range of materials to fill our journals to our own aesthetic preferences, including: paint, markers, colored pens and pencils, paper, magazines, ribbons, yarn, feathers, stickers, jewels, and more.


Kids Workshops

Download Winter/Spring 2022

Kids Workshops Here 

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Family Yoga ~ Dance

A Dance Lab Original offering


Family Yoga ~ Dance incorporates mindful breathing, yoga stretches, creative dance, relaxation, and more. This multi-generational experience allows families to explore, create, share, discover, and bond together in a caring, interactive environment. Percussion instruments, world music, props, artwork, and literature enhance the Family Dance Experience.  

Family Creative Dance

A Dance Lab Original offering


Family Creative Dance incorporates a blend of games and movement structures to encourage self expression through dance and movement. Creative problem-solving and decision-making collaborations encourage artistic growth and critical thinking skills. Explore, discover, and create in a safe and creative environment. 

Beautiful Babies

A Mother and Child offering


Share an hour at the studio with your Beautiful Baby stretching, breathing, exploring, connecting, and smiling. Share lots of yoga, music, creativity, positive energy, and fun. Beautiful Babies is an equal blend of strengthening mommas and bonding with babies and their development.

Relax, Refresh, Share, and Connect.

Family Workshops

Download Winter/Spring 2022

Family Workshops Here 

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See You at the Studio

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