Winter 2022 ~ Adults

Adults 6-week Winter Session

January 3 to February 10, 2022

Creating a space at the studio to Boost your Spirit and Strengthen your Body.

The Workout

Adagio Stretch

The Ballet Hour

Classic Mat Pilates


The Workout

A Masterful blend of

Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga

At the Barre

On the Mat

In a Chair

With a focus on Balance, Alignment, Core Strength, and Overall Toning

The Ballet Hour

A Ballet barre workout followed by a simple, beautifully designed, Ballet variation.

At the Barre

Center floorwork

Dance Composition

With a focus on Elongating, Sculpting, and Strengthening muscles as well as developing your inner Dance Spirit.

ballet feet.jpg

Adagio Stretch

A balanced blend of Static and Dynamic stretch techniques 

Flow through a series of stretch exercises at a steady, harmonious pace, designed to lengthen muscles, balance flexibility, increase range of motion, and advance improved posture. Adagio Stretch utilizes various stretches that help sculpt a lean dancer’s body, even if you are not a dancer.

Classic Mat Pilates

A traditional core workout



Lengthen and Tone

Pilates is a system of flowing exercises designed to strengthen the core and lengthen the muscles, engaging both the body and mind. Pilates works from the inside out with control and precision. Pilates aides in: centering the body Injury prevention - sculpting the body - discovering and working deeper muscle groups. Possible benefits include: strengthening abdominal muscles - relieving back stress - sculpting muscles for a long lean look - connecting the mind and body through concentration and focus - centering and balancing the body, lessening the chance for injuries.

Winter 2022

ADAGIO STRETCH                Mon             6:00pm

CLASSIC MAT PILATES         Tues             6:00pm

                                                Weds           7:00pm

                                                Thurs           6:00pm

THE BALLET HOUR               Weds           6:00pm

THE WORKOUT                     Thurs           7:00pm


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