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Philosophy Statement

Philosophy Statement

The Dance Lab believes children grow and develop through creative, imaginative, and artistic experiences. Offering activities that enhance body-mind-spirit connectivity engages the whole child. Our imaginative, creative approach creates a safe, warm learning environment.  


Problem-solving and decision-making skills encourage creative thinking ... planning, organizing, selecting, practicing, and performing ... both independently and cooperatively. 


The Dance Lab offers an original and unique program of creative offerings guided by developmentally appropriate structures, incorporating the love of learning with the joy of self-discovery and self-accomplishment.


The Dance Lab is delighted to offer a process-oriented, child-centered, creativity-based curriculum.

Connecting with Laban Movement Analysis

The Dance Lab utilizes Laban principles throughout our curriculum. The richness of the Laban work allows us to offer our dancers countless opportunities to expand their dance vocabularies and movement potentials. Laban work gives us the strong base for which we build our creative, imaginative dance experiences.


Through the use of Laban work we are able to encourage our dancers to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills, particularly in our Creative Dance classes, allowing the dancers to share positive self-expression and success in learning and growing through dance.


Our dancers benefit from the Laban work, adding a richer, deeper layer of understanding to our dance experiences, including the exploration of dance notation and developing the principles of Space/Time/Effort.


Additionally, we apply Laban work with our special needs clients and with our coaching of young athletes. Our creative approach to dance education at The Dance Lab is that much stronger because of our incorporation of the Laban work.   

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